Music Lessons in Croydon

Music Lessons for Adults - With Teachers You Can Trust - Discover Your Musical Self - Complete Beginners Welcomed!

Meet the Three of Us

Group photo of David, Marianne and Steve

We have over 30 years' experience teaching adults living in and around Croydon, and take great pride in the quality of teaching we offer our students.

We love teaching adults. That's because we began as adults ourselves, and know just what it's like to love music and dream of what it would be like to actually play it. And that matters to you, because it really does allow us to understand it from your point of view. Because we know how difficult it is, we won't ever get impatient with you as you struggle to learn.

More than that: We care! That makes us better, more dedicated, teachers. Our lessons are friendly, relaxed and, above all, fun. So if you live in or around Croydon and you're thinking about taking lessons, please feel free to either phone or email. We'll look forward to hearing from you.

Learning as an Adult

If you love music you are, already, musical. All you need are the singing or playing skills to express it. And they are just skills. Anyone with the courage to give it a go—and the patience and determination to see it through—can acquire them. You really don't have to be 'gifted'.

We have been teaching adults in Croydon how to sing or play musical instruments for over 25 years, so we have a great deal of experience to offer you. We teach people of any age—and that emphatically includes people in retirement—because you really are never to old to learn.

Many of the people we teach started with us as complete beginners. Mostly they've spent a lifetime longing to sing or play a musical instrument and have only now found to courage to start. (The most common regret we hear is, "Oh, if only I'd done this years ago!")

We are local to Croydon, and the surrounding areas in London, and offer one-to-one music lessons in singing, guitar, keyboard, piano, bass and drums. If you're looking for music lessons, or just thinking about it, please feel free to call us for a friendly chat.