Guitar Lessons in Croydon

Music Lessons for Adults - With Teachers You Can Trust - Discover Your Musical Self - Complete Beginners Welcomed!

Meet David

"Having taken up the guitar myself as an adult—and now with 30 years' experience teaching other adults to play the guitar—I offer a unique insight into the difficulties faced by adult beginners and, more importantly, how to overcome them."

Learning to play the guitar

Learning to play the guitar with fluency and skill is an accomplishment rightly enjoyed and admired by others. More important still, though, is the lifetime of personal pleasure and satisfaction it brings.

And you don't need to be a virtuoso to achieve it. Just learning to strum a few chords with confidence is enough to accompany 1000s of great songs. That's something anyone can achieve if they want.

It doesn't have to stop there. Together, we can develop your playing skills to whatever level you choose. And with the guitar as guide, you really can learn how to sing while play if you want.

Many guitarist can't read music, but if you choose to learn you'll never regret it. While music theory, deeply fascinating in its own right, also engenders understanding, confidence and creativity.

You want to learn to play the guitar, and that's what I'll deliver—in relaxed, enjoyable lessons, taken at a pace to suit your individual needs.

Learning as an Adult

If you love music you are, already, musical. All you need are the singing or playing skills to express it. And they are just skills. Anyone with the courage to give it a go—and the patience and determination to see it through—can acquire them. You really don't have to be 'gifted'.

We have been teaching adults in Croydon how to sing or play musical instruments for over 25 years, so we have a great deal of experience to offer you. We teach people of any age—and that emphatically includes people in retirement—because you really are never to old to learn.

Many of the people we teach started with us as complete beginners. Mostly they've spent a lifetime longing to sing or play a musical instrument and have only now found to courage to start. (The most common regret we hear is, "Oh, if only I'd done this years ago!")

We are local to Croydon, and the surrounding areas in London, and offer one-to-one music lessons in singing, guitar, keyboard, piano, bass and drums. If you're looking for music lessons, or just thinking about it, please feel free to call us for a friendly chat.